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The Birkenhead Residents Association is proud to represent the community of Birkenhead and promote the retention and enhancement of its unique spirit and character.

The association is non-political and strives to represent the interests of the wider community. The creation of the new “Super City” will make the role of community groups more vital to ensure that local voice can still be heard.

The Birkenhead Residents Association Vision is:
“To encourage the participation of residents in sustaining our community character of a strong and friendly spirit and to ensure our community remains an environment that people enjoy living and working in.

The Association aims to provide resources and expertise that empower residents to collectively deal with issues of community concern”

The Values that drive us are:

Being friendly, inclusive and supportive as well as celebrating the strength of our diverse community spirit.

Respecting and enjoying the unique mix of bush and harbour which provides quality amenities for both our community and private use.

Being proud of our rich local history. Within our community, we have one of only three North Shore Heritage Zones with many of the houses and commercial buildings retaining the special heritage character that so many residents treasure and that the Association aims to protect.

Financial Help:

If you would like to help financially, you can do so by becoming a Financial Member, for as little as $10.00 AND/or make a donation – THANK YOU.

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