2019/20 Membership Fees Now Due

The 2019-20 membership fees are now due. If you have not paid your membership recently then please consider doing so today.

Why your financial membership is important

Your financial membership is essential, not only to cover costs but more importantly to add substance and credibility to the many submissions that the Committee make on your behalf.

Submissions almost always need to state how many financial members the Birkenhead Residents Association represents – numbers do matter.

There are two levels of membership available.

Individual (one person) for $10.00
Family/household or Business for $20.00

Payment options:

  • Electronically: Internet Banking or Cash deposit
    Birkenhead Residents Association – Kiwi Bank: 38 9005 0299006 00
    Please include your phone number as the reference – otherwise, we won’t know that you have paid.
  • Cheque: Post a cheque made out to “Birkenhead Residents Association” to P.O.Box 340 374 Birkenhead and PLEASE write your name, address and phone number on the back of the check.
    You may also like to download a Membership Application form to fill in and post back to us with your Cheque.
  • or contact Warwick Jones 021 532 768 click here to email Warwick

You are also welcome to use the Contact Us form.

2 & 2A Tizard Road

Major concerns have been raised about a proposed new development at 2 & 2A Tizard Road, Birkenhead.

The proposal is to build a four-story, ten apartment development on a property that is zoned Single House, intended for low-density residential development.

There are some significant environmental concerns resulting from such a development on a fragile cliff face, as well as the precedent it would set if it is approved.

Click here for more information: proposed development at 2 & 2A Tizard Road

The Birkenhead Residents Association

The Birkenhead Residents Association is proud to represent the community of Birkenhead and promote the retention and enhancement of its unique spirit and character.

The association is non-political and strives to represent the interests of the wider community. The creation of the new “Super City” has made the role of community groups more vital to ensure that the local voice can still be heard.  

Read more about the vision of the Birkenhead Residents Association.

Birkenhead Residents Association
Birkenhead to Auckland Ferry

Located just 8 kilometres from Auckland’s city centre, Birkenhead is known for its beautiful scenery, relaxed, family-friendly environment and bustling village centre. Once the site of ancient Kauri forests, Birkenhead is steeped in history and still retains the largest expanse of native bush on the North Shore.

Local parks, bush walks and beaches provide ample space to play and explore, while the historic village centre offers everything you need with great cafés and shops.

>Popular with families, a number of well-regarded schools are close at hand and a calendar of community events means there’s something for everyone in Birkenhead. Easily accessed by car, bus or ferry, its proximity to the city is one of the many things locals value.

Our Community’s Aspirations For The Development Of Birkenhead Include:

community’s aspirationsViews and open aspect – Protect openness, expansiveness, sunlight and views of city, sea and bush

Village feel – Create a sense of place and community where people can live, work, shop and play; in which they feel a sense of belonging and safety

Bush + green space – Protect and enhance bush and urban green spaces; while promoting eco-development.

Quality built environment – Reflect Birkenhead’s character, heritage and diversity through high standards of design

Connectivity and flow – Create connections and support walkability between spaces; provide and enable all transport modes


Residents and visitors value Birkenhead’s unique character. The Birkenhead Resident’s Association is a voice for the community, advocating for the retention and enhancement of the suburb’s character and spirit to support the community’s aspirations.

Residents contact us to find out more about living in this community. Join the Association to add your voice – be an active part of the community.

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Developers chat with us about the principles in this brochure and how we can work together to maintain and enhance Birkenhead.

Freedom Camping Bylaw: Dudding Reserve, Little Shoal Bay

Following feedback from our members, the Birkenhead Residents Association opposed the proposal that allows Freedom Camping in Dudding Reserve, Little Shoal Bay.

The proposed Freedom Camping in Vehicles Bylaw PROHIBITS Freedom Camping in Vehicles in Little Shoal Bay, Maritime Terrace Birkenhead, however, ALLOWS 6 (six) parking spaces (which can be increased at any time in the future without notice) for non-self-contained vehicles in Dudding Reserve – between the Bowling Club and the Public Toilet.

Click here to see why the Birkenhead Residents Association is against the Proposed Freedom Camping in Vehicles Bylaw.

Birkenhead Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Concept Plans have been applied successfully in a number of areas of Auckland in recent years. Examples include Milford and Kumeu.

In every case, the success of the concept planning is the result of contribution by all key stakeholder groups, such as community individuals and organisations, local businesses, Local Board and Council organisations.

 Click here ==> to view the most recent version of the Birkenhead Neighbourhood Plan

Purpose of The Birkenhead Neighbourhood Plan

The purpose is to:

  • Create a community-led vision
  • Develop principles and concepts based on community feedback as a focus for discussion
  • Advocate for the communities’ aspirations with stakeholders who create and manage our built environment
  • Represent community’s wishes in future spatial planning

It has also led to a number of ideas and initiatives for enhancing the community in ways that deliver the vision.  Join the ongoing discussion at https://www.facebook.com/BirkenheadNeighbourhoodPlan/

Scope of Birkenhead Neighbourhood Plan

The Birkenhead Residents Association has a wide membership and takes an interest in local planning matters for the area south and east of Birkdale, south of Glenfield and west of Northcote.  In all, over 900 people in the community participated or had the opportunity to participate and provide their input through workshops, events, online dialogue and social media

In addition to considering residential and recreational land, the scope of the community led planning exercise focused on the wider Birkenhead neighbourhood, including:

    • The Birkenhead /Highbury Town Centre
    • Chelsea Refinery land and surrounding reserve
    • Chatswood commercial area
    • War Memorial Park
    • The shopping and business areas along Hinemoa St and our “maritime gateway” at Birkenhead Wharf.

 Click here ==> to view the most recent version of the Birkenhead Neighbourhood Plan

Little Shoal Bay Beach, Reserve and Coastline Annual Clean-up

The 40th annual Little Shoal Bay and surrounding beaches and reserves coastal clean-up was held on 02 December.

We would like to thank the 40+ volunteers who collected more than 35 bags of rubbish. It was good to meet many new faces and to see people who enjoy the bay but don’t live in the area turn up to help with this cleanup.

Little Shoal Bay Beach, Reserve and Coastline Clean-up 2018

We would also like to thank our sponsors. First and foremost a big THANK YOU to the management team at the Northcote Tavern who have been generous sponsors of this event for as long as anyone can remember. We also acknowledge and thank New World Birkenhead for their involvement in recent years. And also thank Auckland Council who provide the disposable gloves and rubbish bags.

Event arranged by the Birkenhead Residents Association and Little Shoal Bay Protection Society; supporters include Birkenhead Sea Scouts, Hinemoa Park Placemaking group, Beyond the Fence, Willow Bay & Needles Eye group and Le Roys Bush Management Committee.

Freedom Campers and the Homeless

There has been a noticeable increase in the amount of rubbish generated by Freedom Campers and the Homeless in recent years. This year we estimate that about a quarter of the rubbish collected was easily identifiable as belonging to the Freedom Campers and “Homeless” who frequent Little Shoal Bay and Dudding Reserve.

There was so much rubbish in and around the area just south of the Bowling Club that we needed to use a vehicle to collect it, rather than by hand and rubbish bags. There were dozens of empty alcohol bottles, kitchen waste, clothes and even car parts.