194 Hinemoa Street

194 Hinemoa Street

There are serious questions being asked about the validity of this development.


Questions like:

  • Does the planner have the ability to ignore the District Plan rule of one car park for every three beds to one car park for every three rooms. There are 69 beds so that requires 23 car parks plus 2 for the manager and a loading bay = 26 spaces. They have provision for 13 parks of which a number don’t meet Council standards. The shortfall in numbers and standards are considerably more than minor.
  • One also has to question whether the decision “that a boardinghouse is commercial and not residential” is correct!
  • The statement of the transport planner that there is ample after hours parking is based on incorrect information. Most of the surrounding area (except for Enterprise Street) has on-street parking restrictions that apply 24/7 – no after hours relaxation of parking restrictions.
  • The rubbish is to be stored in the front area (which will be visible through the glass windows) and wheeled down to the “rubbish compound” (which doesn’t exist) and will be picked up by a contractor (who can’t access it)
  • The consent was NOT to be granted until the easement over the neighbouring property was provided. Recent correspondence (04th March) suggests that this easement did not occur? So why was consent given without the easement?

Click here for a copy of the Resource Consent Application – Advice Decision (PDF)

This development flew under the radar due to its non notification status. It is clear throughout the reports that this project pushed a number of boundaries particularly with regard to parking and refuse disposal.

It also appears that, for one excuse or another, there was no response by the Kaipatiki Board in the course of the consent application!

An activity that will provide for the social well-being of the local community – Yeah Right!

Many residents have expressed their concern that the development built immediately on the footpath of Hinemoa with little relief, along with the frontage being a communal kitchen and lounge, is very inappropriate and of poor design.

However the expert Planners see the development differently. An extract from the Planners Report, 8.1 – Recommendations and Conditions, states:

“The District Plan envisages business activities within local centres that provide a service to the local community. In this particular instance, the proposed boarding house is considered to be an activity that will provide for the social well-being (accommodation needs) of the local community at an intensity that is not inherently detrimental to the predominantly commercial character of the wider environment.”


What are your thoughts?

We know that many of you are unhappy about this development, and it may be too late to stop it – “maybe” to late to stop it – however we need to try. There are three possible outcomes from our collective efforts:

  • The development is paused while its validity is reconsidered
  • How / why did it get through. And is someone accountable?
  • Processes and / or systems put in place to prevent this happening again

Call to action:

Please contact the Kaipātiki Local Board (each and everyone of them) and let them know how you feel. And what you expect to happen next. Ask questions….
Click here for the names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of the Kaipātiki Local Board

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