It has happened again: Second slip in Auckland’s Birkenhead car park

A second landslide has torn away another chunk of a car park in Auckland’s Birkenhead, and is creeping towards businesses. What began as a crack in the public car park in August, has steadily worsened. The back half of Rawene Rd car park slipped down a gorge on October 8. Now, a second landslide has appeared directly next […]

Local Board Gives $15k To Boost Businesses Hit By Giant Slip

After a giant slip hit a parking lot, Auckland’s Birkenhead is getting $15,000 to encourage shoppers back into the town centre ahead of Christmas. The Kaipātiki Local Board agreed to give $15,000 to the Birkenhead Town Centre Association at a board meeting on November 15. Construction work had reduced parking spaces before the slip hit, […]

Auckland Council started $9m project to stabilise land six weeks before landslide

The huge Rawene car park slip could create a dam endangering the iconic Chelsea heritage park below it, council engineers say. At a local board meeting on Wednesday, Auckland Council’s geotech lead Ross Roberts said they were monitoring the situation “carefully” as there was a risk of the landslide causing a dam. “The real problem […]

Q & A: Auckland Council and Auckland Transport discuss Rawene Rd slip

Top AT and Council staff maintain local development had nothing to do with the massive Rawene car park slip last week. Here is a selected transcript from the Kaipatiki Local Board (LB) meeting on Wednesday night. They were questioning AT Senior Communications Advisor Nahri Salim, Auckland Council’s Geotechnical & Geological Practice Lead Ross Roberts, Head […]

Birkenhead slip will not affect town centre updates, local board says

The $3-million construction plan to upgrade an Auckland town centre will go ahead on schedule, despite pleas from business owners asking for a deferral. Birkenhead Town Centre Association chairman Pete Taylor said given the recent Rawene car park slip in Birkenhead, it was “inappropriate” for the upgrade to proceed in January. He requested it be […]

Cracks under a north Auckland carpark first noticed in August

Residents near a newly-formed slip in an Auckland carpark say they are disappointed it took so long to be taken seriously. The back half of Birkenhead’s public Rawene Car Park slipped down a gorge on Sunday night and has continued to slip since. Claire Balfour, the chairwoman of the body corporate of the nearby Mokoia […]

Part of public car park on Auckland’s North Shore slips away

First it was a crack, now the whole back half of a North Shore carpark has slipped away. The rear section of Rawene car park in Auckland’s Birkenhead was closed off by Auckland Transport for safety reasons on September 20, following the subsidence of an already existing crack. Fewer than three weeks later, the crack […]

AT gives 25 public car parks to private developers

Drivers are outraged at Auckland Transport’s decision to give a private developer exclusive access to 25 public car parks from an already strained car park on the North Shore. Despite a significant shortage of car parking in the Birkenhead community, Auckland Transport (AT) has allowed private developers, Chelsea Bay, the use of 25 public car […]