Birkenhead Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Concept Plans have been applied successfully in a number of areas of Auckland in recent years. Examples include Milford and Kumeu.

In every case, the success of the concept planning is the result of contribution by all key stakeholder groups, such as community individuals and organisations, local businesses, Local Board and Council organisations.

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Purpose of The Birkenhead Neighbourhood Plan

The purpose is to:

  • Create a community-led vision
  • Develop principles and concepts based on community feedback as a focus for discussion
  • Advocate for the communities’ aspirations with stakeholders who create and manage our built environment
  • Represent community’s wishes in future spatial planning

It has also led to a number of ideas and initiatives for enhancing the community in ways that deliver the vision.  Join the ongoing discussion at

Scope of Birkenhead Neighbourhood Plan

The Birkenhead Residents Association has a wide membership and takes an interest in local planning matters for the area south and east of Birkdale, south of Glenfield and west of Northcote.  In all, over 900 people in the community participated or had the opportunity to participate and provide their input through workshops, events, online dialogue and social media

In addition to considering residential and recreational land, the scope of the community led planning exercise focused on the wider Birkenhead neighbourhood, including:

    • The Birkenhead /Highbury Town Centre
    • Chelsea Refinery land and surrounding reserve
    • Chatswood commercial area
    • War Memorial Park
    • The shopping and business areas along Hinemoa St and our “maritime gateway” at Birkenhead Wharf.

 Click here ==> to view the most recent version of the Birkenhead Neighbourhood Plan