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Birkenhead Wharf Bike Cage

Have you seen the new bike cage at Birkenhead Wharf?


This new bike shelter at the wharf is a great idea to encourage cyclists but the shelter has been put in a prime place on the wharf – without any consultation with people and groups who use the wharf.

The bike cage blocks a panoramic view!
It disrupts harbour related activities & safety!

Many people are expressing concern:

  • People young and old who have enjoyed the panoramic views of the upper harbour for generations
  • The yacht club, waterwise and the canoe groups who do a great job providing healthy sports activities and water safety training for our young people; volunteers need visibility from the wharf to ensure safety
  • People who come to fish in the deep water off the wharf or to watch their families take part in boating activities

Prime Birkenhead Wharf space must be for harbour activities!

We fully support parking for cyclists and motor scooter users.
But this bike shelter is in the wrong place!

Petition to move the bike cage

In association with other users of Birkenhead Wharf, we have organised a Petition to request that Auckland Council and the Kaipatiki Local Board act now to:

  • Move the bike cage from the part of the wharf where it blocks the view and interferes with harbour-related activities such as water safety, regattas and fishing
  • Create facilities for cycle and scooter parking in other locations at the wharf in consultation with community groups and local people
  • Ensure that in future for any other public works, full community consultation is undertaken by relevant departments or CCOs of Auckland Council

If you haven’t already received a copy of the petition in your mailbox you can get more forms or other information from one (or more) of the following:

You can also sign the petition at:

  • Coffee General (100 Hinemoa St)
  • Hinemoa St Café (138 Hinemoa St)
  • Casual Foodie (23 Enterprise St)

Post signed petitions to 7 Awanui Street Birkenhead 0626 or email for collection.

Please return it asap but by 3 August 2013 at the latest

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