Proposed Plan Change 38 – Changes to Cultural Heritage of the North Shore

Plan Change 38 introduces changes to Chapter 11: Cultural Heritage of the North Shore section of Auckland Council District Plan. The Resource Management Act 1991 requires Auckland Council to recognise, provide for, and protect historic heritage as a matter of national significance under the Act. The Council’s methods to achieve this include the listing of […]

Proposed Plan Change 38: How will this impact Birkenhead?

Proposed Plan Change 38 Schedule of Buildings, Objects and Places of Heritage Significance How will this impact Birkenhead? If you would like to be part of the Birkenhead Residents Association sub-committee looking at how these proposals will impact Birkenhead, please contact us NOW! For more details: NSTA article Heritage fears rising   In brief: The […]

Heritage fears rising

KEEPING CHARACTER: Eleven commercial buildings on Victoria Rd have had their heritage status downgraded by the Auckland Council. More than 100 North Shore buildings have lost their heritage protection leaving them open for development, Kaipatiki Local Board member Grant Gillon says. Mr Gillon says recent changes to the district plan heritage schedule leave him suspicious […]

Halt to Highbury Plan Change

A more integrated approach to planning the future of the Highbury Town Centre is proposed following a council decision this week (May 24), supported by the Kaipatiki Local Board. Auckland Council’s regional development and operations committee considered the advice of its planners and agreed to withdraw the former North Shore City Council’s Highbury Plan Change […]

Proposed Plan Change 16: Submitters Get a Second Chance

Submitters opposed to the Chelsea Sugar Refinery plan change will get a second chance to have their views heard because hearing commissioners say an article in the New Zealand Herald could have been misinterpreted. North Shore City Council’s spokesman Trevor Mackie says that the four-day hearing in February was adjourned rather than closed because independent […]

Plan Change 16: A Timeline Of Events

Background – It was the vision of the Chelsea Regional Park Association to protect the Uruamo Headland from Kauri Point to Chelsea as one great urban park for the people of Auckland. An agreement for the sale of buffer land surrounding the sugar works fell short of protecting the refinery site. Dec 2005 – NZ […]

Proposed Plan Change 16: BRA Not Satisfied By Chelsea Decision

Decisions by North Shore City on Private Plan Change 16 to the District Plan in regards to the Chelsea Sugar Refinery land at Birkenhead have been made public. Proposed Plan Change and overall determination. This decision report specifies the Hearing Commissioners’ decision on submissions (including further submissions) to the Proposed (Private) Plan Change 16 – […]

Plan Change 16: Submission on behalf of Birkenhead Residents Association

Submission by Bruce Stainton BEFORE THE NORTH SHORE CITY COUNCIL AT ALBANY UNDER The Resource Management Act 1991 IN THE MATTER OF Proposed plan change no 16 to the North Shore City District Plan Submission on behalf of Birkenhead Residents Association (BRA) [ Available as a PDF file ] 1.0 Introduction 1.0 My name is […]

Proposed Plan Change 16: Chelsea Sugar Refinery Estate

This private plan change by NZ Sugar Company Ltd lays the foundation for the destruction of the unique historic character of the Chelsea Sugar Works and associated grounds, in a bid to erect 528 apartment units in a network of 3 to 8 level buildings. The potential adverse effects of such a development include:- Ecological […]