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Proposed Solid Waste Bylaw

Council proposes single solid waste bylaw

Auckland Council wants to know what the public thinks of proposals for a new solid waste bylaw for the region, with submissions opening on Friday

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The management of solid waste in the Auckland region is currently governed by seven different bylaws of the former councils, which all expire on 31 October 2012. Auckland Council proposed to replace these with a single bylaw to ensure one set of rules for the region.

Many of the proposals in are already included in some existing bylaws and will be extended to the rest of Auckland.

Regulatory and Bylaws Committee chair, Councillor Des Morrison, says the proposed bylaw aims to provide a mechanism to deal with the potential health and safety issues for the public and the environment when rubbish is not deposited correctly.

“As a council, we want to take a pragmatic approach to these issues and, where possible, deal with some of these problems by working alongside the waste industry and community as well as through public education.

“The bylaw gives us the tool to deal with a problem when those non-regulatory approaches have not worked, especially where the public’s health and safety are at risk.”

It will also help council achieve the aims of council’s Waste Management and Minimisation Plan, which was adopted earlier this year.

“It’s important to note that, while the bylaw has to be in place this year, many of the changes won’t happen overnight. There will be a transition period while we continue talking to the waste industry and community and to align with the implementation of the waste plan,” says Councillor Morrison.

Included in the draft solid waste bylaw is how council proposes to:

  • Deal with litter nuisance associated with unaddressed mail, abandoned shopping trolley and donation bins
  • Work with waste operators to monitor what kind and how solid waste is being collected and disposed through an extended licensing system
  • Work with event organisers to develop waste minimisation plans to manage litter generated by public events to prevent it spreading on to public land
  • Ensure waste collection standards
  • Extending across the region a programme dealing with waste management and disposal for multi-unit developments.

People will be able to view the Statement of Proposal, which includes the draft bylaw, and make a submission online, at, from Friday, 3 August.

Documents also available from all council libraries, service centres and local board offices.

Submissions will close on Monday, 3 September, 2012.

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