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MP zeroes in on Z

Controversial plans for a 24 hour Z service station on busy Onewa Rd are being slammed by Northcote MP Jonathan Coleman.

He says “it is a recipe for traffic mayhem” and safety for school children is his top concern.

In a letter to the North Shore Times, Dr Coleman acknowledges the public submission and hearing process Auckland Council must go through. He says he is “yet to meet anyone who is in favour of the proposal but there is strong opposition to the development”.

The service station would be built at 119 Onewa Rd, on the corner of Gladstone Rd and next to St Mary’s Catholic Church and primary school.

It would also be on the same side as the west-bound T3 transit lane.

A petition against it was created by St Mary’s.

Dr Coleman says: “Many vehicles travelling west up Onewa Rd turning right across two busy traffic lanes, it is a recipe for traffic mayhem.

“It is already a busy area seven days per week and a service station next door will only increase traffic congestion as extra vehicles are drawn to the site.

“There is no local demand for this development and it will not enhance the area. Indeed, I believe that the impact will be negative,” he says.

Kaipatiki Local Board confirmed in its last meeting it is opposed to the development.

Z Energy senior communications adviser Sheena Thomas says the company is listening to the public and one of its head engineers will make a submission at the hearings.

“We are going to listen to those concerns people have around us.”

The company’s top priority is also safety, she says, and policies are in place to mitigate risks.

If the proposal goes ahead it will also be a safe place for parents to drop their children off as opposed to pulling over on the road, she says.

Ms Thomas says research Z Energy conducted showed the service station would only add one new vehicle to peak traffic every two minutes.

Entry and exits for the proposed station would be left-hand turns only to avoid risks.

Ms Thomas says Z wants to meet with Dr Coleman directly “to show we’re aware” and give him a “sense of comfort”.

Auckland Council will hear public submissions on the proposal on November 29 and 30.


Reprinted with permission: Auckland Now – North Shore Times

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