Chelsea sugar refinery Plan Changes

Proposed Plan Change 16: Chelsea Sugar Refinery Estate

This private plan change by NZ Sugar Company Ltd lays the foundation for the destruction of the unique historic character of the Chelsea Sugar Works and associated grounds, in a bid to erect 528 apartment units in a network of 3 to 8 level buildings.

The potential adverse effects of such a development include:-

  • Ecological Effects
  • Archaeological Loss
  • Heritage Loss
  • Cultural and Identity Loss
  • Effects on Local Infrastructure (e.g. traffic)
  • Effects on Visual Amenity

The plan change fails to address what is an appropriate use for the Chelsea site because it is at odds with Auckland regional planning strategies for residential intensification and in the absence of definitive development timeframes, future suitability of the proposal cannot be assessed.

A number of significant submissions have been received opposing the
plan change, chief amongst them the Auckland Regional Council, the
North Shore City Council and the New Zealand Historic Places Trust.

The deadline for further submissions has now passed and a hearing to
be convened by Independent Commissioners is currently anticipated in November 2006.

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