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Slide repairs held up

Vandals have broken a popular children’s slide beyond repair at Little Shoal Bay and it may be some time before it is fixed.

Bryan Greig, 67, of Hillcrest takes his four grandchildren to the park at least once a month.

But they cannot play on the slide because it is blocked off.

When his grandchildren ask why “we just tell them it’s not our fault”, he says.

“When you get down to it it’s Auckland Council’s fault.”

He believes the damage would have been reported but no contractors have been sent out to fix it.

“It would cost very little” for new materials, he says.

Mr Greig is disappointed $80,000 was put towards the adult fitness equipment in the same park but the slide repair gets pushed back.

Northcote MP Jonathan Coleman says “it’s time they fixed this” as the slide has been out of action since the start of the holidays.

Repair costs would be minimal in comparison to the fitness equipment, he says.

Kaipatiki Local Board chairwoman Lindsay Waugh says it was vandalised and needs to be completely replaced this year. A timeframe for replacing the slide depends on stock.

The adult fitness equipment and slide come under different areas, Mrs Waugh says.

She says fitness equipment has no relationship to regular renewals and maintenance budgets.

“This type of damage is always more of a problem as it is not part of a scheduled renewal programme but is required in response to vandalism.”


Written by: Jess Etheridge
Reprinted with permission: Auckland Now – North Shore Times

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