Cracks are growing at an Auckland car park that has already been closed because of subsidence.

The rear section of Birkenhead’s Rawene car park was closed off by Auckland Transport for safety reasons on September 20, following the subsidence of an already existing crack.

A comparison between photographs taken on September 25 and October 7 suggests the slip has only got worse in the space of 12 days.

Auckland Transport’s Mark Hannan said geo-tech and engineering investigations are still underway and said there is “no danger to the public”.

The difference between the two subsidence levels is almost at waist height, and the crack in the car park has now stretched into the neighbouring hillside.

Hannan has previously denied the cause of the crack was linked to adjacent construction work by private developers Chelsea Bay due to the fact the car park was built on an embankment of landfill.

However, nearby residents aren’t convinced, saying the construction work is so loud it shakes neighbouring building Rawene Chambers, and that the car park has been fine until construction took place.

Mokoia Ridge resident David Corlett said he is concerned that Auckland Council has underestimated the impact of pile-driving on unstable land, especially as construction is about to begin on the Chelsea Bay site.

“In 2010 council declined an application to build Botanical Gardens in Rawene Reserve, the number one reason being unstable land,” he said.

A civil engineer confirmed there would have been a geotechnical report for the construction site, but there was no need to conduct a report for the car park next to the site.

Article by Laine Moger
Published 07 October 2017 > The North Shore Times _